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Hello and welcome to my website. A wide variety of reasons lead people to seek counselling; we are all unique and life experiences can affect us very differently. What some people seem to cope with well may leave others struggling. I hope my website offer a clear introduction to counselling and who I am as a therapist.

In a nutshell, counselling provides a confidential, non-judgemental environment in which you can share what may be worrying you. Therapy offers a safe, objective space to explore your difficulties that is different to the relationships you may have with family or friends. I offer an empathic relationship alongside support, challenge and fresh insights, helping you to understand the root cause and different ways to cope with your experience. I use a variety of integrated counselling approaches and strategies and work holistically considering mind, emotions, body and energetic aspects of self as one.

Research shows that it is the quality of the therapeutic relationship that predicts good outcomes in therapy, rather than the type of approach, therefore it's important that you feel comfortable with the therapist that you choose. Our first session will be an introductory assessment with no obligation to continue unless you wish to and counselling feels appropriate for you.

  • I work from Surrey Holistic in central Godalming, free parking available near by.​

  • I am a lecturer in counselling and qualified supervsior.

  • I work with adults and young people (adolescents).

  • Fees: £65 per 50mins

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