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I am passionate about supportive supervision and ethical practice. I enjoy supervising counsellors of both adults and young people and offer a space that facilitates your growth. 


I firmly believe that good quality support enables practitioners to be at their best for themselves and for their clients. 

I am a supervisor of counsellors and those in helping professions. I use Hawkins and Shohet's 7 eyed model alongside Carrolls' reflective lenses to help deepen awareness within your practice and reflect upon your approach, finding fresh perspectives to take back to your client work. 


Inskipp and Procotor's approaches to supervision: normative, formative and restorative create the foundation of a safe, ethical and growth enhancing place to review your therapeutic practice. My aim is to offer you a secure base from which to reflect and explore your whole experience as a counsellor or helping professional. 

  • I have worked in NHS primary care settings.


       Fees: 1st hour - £60

                   1.5 hrs - £90

Student rates available

(online or face to face in Godalming)

 "I see supervision as a hologram in which each moment contains everything that needs to be embodied, felt and known. The different worlds of client, supervisee, supervisor and the outside world are simultaneously mirroring and co-creating each other."

(Wilmot quoted in Shohet, 2008)

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